Welcome to Tsalagigovernment.US David Walker, 1829 "When the Lord shall raise up coloured historians in succeeding generations, to present the crimes of this nation, to the then gazing world, the Holy Ghost will make them do justice"

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Tsalagi Dynasty is a Monarchical government preserving Ancestral culture and spiritual practices. Resurrecting our proper status upon the land of America and our rightful place in government among the affairs of men. Tribal/ Imperial Government. This status is from a lineage not a title acquired by war, inquisition or colonialism. Our status is guaranteed by birthright, heritage and lineage seeded through the law of heirs, meaning that it can never be taken, altered or washed away. Royal Family is a bloodline and lineage not an acquisition or take over, such as, “British Royal Family.” Royalty is inherent by virtue of the Aboriginal People of all the Lands of the World.

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