Thebook Exchange

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Our Assets/ Properties; Coin, and (coming soon) are value backed assets that will sustain throughout the test of time. Our platform is the most reliable, durable and sustainable eco-system and monetary system ever created. Our community based eco-system will eliminate the red tape and “middle man” on financial transactions. A robust, secure system built with blockchain technology. will be a world class exchange for the world to envy. You may ask, how is this possible? Well our digital currencies are not only backed by our tangible assets (proof of asset/ proof of stake), Empressgold Coin is paired with Gold (precious metal) and America’s Wealth Coin is paired with Silver (precious metal). Bringing the Gold and Silver standards back into our financial system. Empressgold is poised to rock the digital bitcoin world sending tidal waves throughout the Crypto Currency industry. This is true because not many Countries or World Powers can compete with the value back assets of Empressgold Coin. We welcome you to join us in this momentous occasion as World history unfolds. We are at the forefront of new money being created and the transfer of wealth that has been long spoken about, starting right here in America surely to spill over and fuel the rest of the Worlds economies. ICO shares are now available for the Empressgold Coin asset backed coin and America’s Wealth Coin asset backed coin paired with Silver precious metal. See ICO page for details.