Our Government encompasses the inherent powers, rights and authorities from our Tribal roots and our Royal Bloodlines as rulers of the land. Empress Ninti has resurrected the (6) Six Royal Courts of America administered through Mecklenburg County Imperial Court: www.imperialcourts.us. Empress’ (6) Six Royal Courts represent the ‘Highest Court’ upon the Land. See Royal Decrees that have been issued to the United States Government, States, Law Enforcement, Lower Courts, Cities and Counties.

Historical Changes upon the land to be noted.

  1. The usurpation of Colonial inquisition began in year 1830 by Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal Act, followed by U.S. land patents and grants issued by the same. Land now registered as ‘Deeds’ under the U.S. Torrens system from year 1897 until today’s date September 7, 2020 are hereby null and void.
  2. Usurpers: Tenants/ Occupants/ Banknote holders gained further access to the land by the fraud of banks issuing corporate deeds. Corpus/ Corporations interest upon the land is a delusion at law.
  3. Usurpers: Tenants/ Occupants/ Banknote holders interests shall not lawfully stand against Tribal title claims.
  4. Usurpers: Tenants/ Occupants/ Banknote holders and Banks are occupying tribal land ( Real estate and real property) and all its appurtenances as outlaws. OUTLAWS have no valid claims or defense. Claims of Tenants/ Occupants/ Banknote holders and Banks shall be deemed meritless, frivolous, erroneous and delusional at law.
  5. Proclaimation: All foreign claims upon the land in America are null and void as of year 2016. America and the Aboriginal “People” of the Land have returned to Statu quo ante bellum.                         


American Passports

The Following Shall be Enforced upon the lands of America;

  1. United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples – September 13, 2007
  2. United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child – Customarily in force September 2, 1990.
  3. Vienna Convention of Diplomatic Relations April 18, 1961,“ Recalling that peoples of all Nations from Ancient Times have recognized the status of diplomatic agents”.
  4. United Nations Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples- UN General Assembly resolution 1514(XV) of 14 December 1960.
  5. Sovereign Soil Tax from the Aborigine Government
  6. Aborigine of Amexem Proclaimation, Declaration and Charter. www.aborigineofamexem.com

Empress’ (6) Six Royal Courts

  1. Empress’ Court formally, Kings (Bench) is Restored
  2. Court of Magistrates and Freeholders is Restored
  3. Court of Correction and Errors is Restored
  4. Court of Last Resort is Restored
  5. Court of Lode Manage is Restored
  6. Court of Appeal, Her Majesty’s –Highest Court in the Land is Restored

Proclaimation, Declaration and Charter of the Aborigine Moors of Amexem

Laws, Orders and Royal Decree’s shall be enforced by;

Imperial Law Enforcement, Empress’ Army, Bounty man for hire and Imperial Sharif.

Imperial Sharif is the highest ranking law enforcement officer upon the land.

The Sheriff of every county is the highest ranking elected official and peace officer upon the land,

underneath the Imperial Sharif, with powers of a magistrate.

The Sheriff of Mecklenburg County [ Imperial City] will dispatch the bailiffs of hundreds extending to every territory [state], with powers of ‘Chancellor of the Exchequer’ together with regular judges of the court. The Sheriff of Mecklenburg County [Imperial City]shall be the Empress’ Chancellor charged with the duties of being a high officer of the throne, oversee the courts and that things are conducted to the benefit of the Empress and to be a minister of the state charged with the management of the national revenue and expenditure.

Sheriff Shall carry out the following Procedures of law on Behalf of the Empress;

  1. Writs of Monstraverunt
  2. Writs of Escheat
  3. Court of Ancient Demesne
  4. Writ of Manprize
  5. Writ of Protection
  6. Writ of Prevention
  7. Decree of Registration
  8. Bailiffs of Hundreds
  9. Baliff of Manors

Palatine Moors/ Aboriginals/ Indigenous Inhabitants Proper Status and Titles of Nobility Restored

Passports –America

Decree of Exemptions and Immunities

For Aboriginals of the Land: Green v, state, 59 Md.128,43 Am Rep. 542

All taxes, fees and costs are exempted for the Cherokee Moors of North Carolina Territories.

Inhabitants who are not at law considered U.S. Citizens or State Citizens or Subjects of the states policies, procedures, by laws, chattel codes, etc.

Aboriginals have

Immune and Exempt Status

Pursuant to the following references of law and Antiquitous standing:

  • Middle Plantation Treaty of 1677
  • Carolina Charter’s 1663 & 1665
  • Treaty of Peace and Friendship 1786/87
  • Act of Congress –House Joint Resolution 75
  • His Majesty’s Laws of North Carolina 1739
  • Proclamation of 2016 –Ancient Imperial Moors are out of Interregnum.

Lawful Definitions:

Royal–of or pertaining to or proceeding from the king or sovereign in a Monarchical government.

Decree–as in French Law “ Certain acts of the legislature or of the sovereign which have the force of law are called [decrees].”

Empress –Female Monarch with Absolute power and authority over”the empire on which the sun never sets“.

Royal Decree:

Disclaimer: Royal Decree written and intended for Americans. American’s as defined by Websters Dictionary year 1828. Indian’s defined by Blacks Law Dictionary 1891. These terms are synonymous with Moors.

Mandate of Heaven –the natural order and will of the universe—bestows the mandate.The Mandate of Heaven does not require a legitimate ruler to be of noble birth, depending instead on the just and able performance of the rulers and their heirs.

Monarch –Absolute ruler of Dominions (land) , Emperor or Empress.

Monarchy –government in which the supreme power is vested in a single person. Where a monarch is invested with absolute power, the monarchy is termed “ despotic”. [This shall be a constitutional monarchy, where the Empress or Empress’ consul shall oversee and authorize proposed laws to be passed through continental Congress.]

Exempts –Persons who are not bound by law, but excused from the performance of duties imposed upon others.

Exemption–Freedom from a general duty or service; immunity from a general burden, tax or charge.

Absolutism–Any system of government be it a monarchy or democracy in which one or more person or a class, govern absolutely and at pleasure, without check or restraint from any law.

Absolute Law–“Any law that follows the rules of nature and a law that is changeless.”

Imperium – The right to command, which includes the right to employ the force of the State to enforce the Laws.

Heir of Provision–One who succeeds as heir by virtue of a particular provision in a “deed or instrument.”

(Abstract of Title upon the land, annexed and recorded within Mecklenburg County register of Deeds ‘Imperial City’ North Carolina  Cherokee Nation of Moors Territory, instrument number 2010095813 in Book number 25836 Page number 440 and ending with Page number 444. Mecklenburg County register of Deeds ‘Imperial City’ North Carolina, instrument number 2018020760 in Book number 32481 Page number 987 and ending with Page number997. By an Act of Congress as of July 15, 2017,Certificate no. TXU 2-049 0663. Instrument number 2018034135 Book number 32548 Page numbers 938-942.)

Heir Conventional–One who takes a succession by virtue of a contract. (Treaty of Peace and Friendship 1786/1787 & Carolina Charter’s of 1663 & 1665) .

Proclamation–Ancient Imperial Moors are out of Interregnum –Library of Congress. TXU-2-049-663

Ab assuetis non fit injuria –From things to which one is accustomed (or in which there has been long acquiescence) no legal injury or wrong arises. If a person neglect to insist on his right, he is deemed to have abandoned it. Amb. 645; 3 Brown, Ch. 639.

Preeminence –the fact of surpassing all others; superiority.

Indian –aboriginal inhabitants of North America.Frazee v. Spokane County, 29 Wash. 278, 69 Pac.782. [ There are no light skinned aboriginals.]Common Definition of Aboriginals: noun, an aboriginal inhabitant of a place. Synonyms: native aborigine, original inhabitant; autochthon, indigene, indigenous, first, ancient, primitive, primeval.

* IMPORTANT: Empress’ Royal Courts has stripped all imposters of title’s of nobility; Baron’s, Royals, Majesty’s, Queens, Kings, Princesses and Princes etc. who are not of the Royal Asiatic Bloodline ( Sons of God). Imposters have stolen the true identity of the Royal Family, Conquests and Inquisitions do not make a family Royal nor does it sanction the use of titles of nobility. These are acts of genocide and war crimes that warrant International Laws to be invoked in favor of the rights of Indigenous Peoples.